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Year of Establishment : 2006
Bachelor of Management Studies is a 3 years full-time undergraduate program for with 10 points grading system.
The course started in D.G. Ruparel College of Arts, Science and Commerce in 2006. In 2009, the department added one more division. At present, a stimulating learning environment is provided to 360 students who are continuously and comprehensively evaluated and trained to develop the skills and knowledge.
Well equipped classrooms and infrastructural facilities are provided for the course. Experienced and qualified faculties help in 360 degree development of students’ personality. The objective of the course is to impart knowledge, to polish hard and soft skills, to give an exposure to the students on how a corporate functions. The course helps the students to enhance their entrepreneurial skills and become responsible managers and entrepreneurs with good values.


The objective of the program is to impart sound principles of Management, Business and Commerce and also develop the overall personality of students so that they can work both as leaders and team members.

The course aims at not only training students to become excellent Managers, Executives & Entrepreneurs but also leads to the all-round development of their personality.

This degree will get a job for students in the management front of an organisation, one can expect a good starting salary. During the course, students are taught how make resume, search for good job profile form them, how to appear for the interviews and how to negotiate for a better salary.

BMS course provides comprehensive management training to students by way of interactive teaching-learning process, projects, presentations, industrial visits, practical training, job orientation, soft skills development and placements

The BMS course is a great foundation for MBA/ PGDBA courses. With a BMS degree, students can easily get admission into a good MBA courses. this is general observation that BMS degree holders do a lot better in an MBA than students from other streams. Apart from MBA after completing BMS course, one can go for M.com, CA, CS and ICWA, LLB, CFA, MCA. They can also appear in Competitive and Bank exams.

In this course, students are taught about various areas of Management Eg. Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Financial Planning, Risk Management, Team Work, Negotiation Skills, Conflict Resolution and Confidence Building. They learn about everything involved in running a company/ Start ups and are given a deep understanding of functioning of all departments.

Arts and Science students can also do BMS as the course as is open to students from all streams of education.
Candidates who did not study Mathematics or Accounting in Class 11 and 12 can also pursue BMS Course.

In the first year, all the subjects are compulsory. In 2nd and 3rd year, students get option to select any one elective from 1) Finance 2) Marketing 3) Human Resources Development

Our College offers only Finance as an Elective.

After completion of BMS degree, candidates can get jobs in FMCG, IT, Manufacturing, e-Commerce, BFSI, Logistics, Constructions, Real Estate, Food & Beverages, Travel & Tourism and other Industries

The average starting salary of BMS graduates in India is Rs 3 lakh and upwards. BMS Job Rolesand Average Starting Salary

  • Finance Executive: Rs 5 lakh and upwards
  • Sales Executive: Rs 3 lakh and upwards
  • HR Executive Rs. 3 Lakhs and onwards

Teaching Staff

Board Person Name
Ms. Rachana K. Chawada

Assistant Professor
M.com (Accountancy) , M.Phil (Commerce), MBA (Financial Management), Post Graduate Diploma in Business Operations , UGC-NET, LLM (Business Law), Certificate and Diploma in French
Date of Joining the Department : 6th June 2011

Board Person Name
Ms. Prachi Puro

Assistant Professor
M.Com, MAH-SET in Commerce
Date of Joining the Department : 16th November 2015

Board Person Name
Ms. Tanvi Khandhar

Assistant Professor
M.Com in Business Management, SET in Commerce
Date of Joining the Department : June 2017

Board Person Name
Omprakash Kumavat

Assistant Professor
M.com (Accountancy) , UGC-NET, MAH SET
Date of Joining the Department : July 2022




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List of Toppers (2020-21)

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List of Toppers (2019-20)

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Result Analysis

Workshops & Activities


  • A short term course on ‘Business analytics using advance excel and R’ commenced from 2nd September 2018.53 students participated in the course. This course was conducted by ‘ATS Infotec’.
  • “Lakshya- Campus to Corporate Lectures series”- 5th-6th February 2021. 230 students actively participated in the lecture’s series
  • BSE- 5 days workshop on “Overview of Financial Market” Series I- arranged from 19th to 23rd February 2021. 200 students from SYBMS and TYBMS appeared for test and got the benefit of the workshop.
2021- 2022:
  • NISM V-A Training & Certification (Mutual Fund Distributors Certification), 30 hours training session started from 31st January 2022 to 5th February 2022. From TYBMS 45 students participated in this session. 11 students passed the exam in first attempt.
  • BSE- 5 days’ workshop on “Overview of Financial Market” Series 2 started from 6th- 10TH December 2021. 134 students attended – 55 students passed the test and got certificates.
  • FYBMS students learnt the basics of ad making through ‘Ad Mad’ activity. (Tanvi)
  • Different ways to put one’s point across was learnt by FYBMS students during the Group Discussion activity. (Aditi)
  • TYBMS students were made acquainted with Styles of Corporate Communication and Strategies to be adopted during Crisis by organizations through real life case models. (Tanvi)
Achaemenes and Awards
  • The’ HR college of Commerce and Economic’ had organized an Intercollegiate fest called Blaze on 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th of March, 2022 where 20 students from our college (Majority were from the Dept of BMS) had participated. Students won THE BEST COLLEGE TROPHY
  • The Chetana collegeof Commerce and Economic’, Bandra had organized the fest called SHIKHAR on 22nd, 23rd and 24th of March, 2022 where almost 60 students had participated. THE BEST COLLEGE TROPHY
  • The Raheja college, Bandra had organized a fest called SVAGAM on 9th and 10th of April, 2022 where 40 people had participated from our college. RUNNER UP BEST COLLEGE TROPHY

Guest Lectures


  • Guest lecture on 17th December 2021 by Shree Satish Bendre on “BE A JOB GIVER AND NOT JOB SEEKER”
  • Another immanent speaker Dr. S K Gupta initiated with the graceful theme of lecture “WINNING ATTITUDE”. He initially explained how the world is changing day by day and also told how we should change ourselves accordingly.
  • Investor Awareness Program- Lecture and Certificate from BSE (lecture by Mr. Amogh Gothoskar,) was organized on 05.2.2021. 120 students from FYBMS participated in it.
  • On 5th Feburary 2021 a session on ‘Financial Literacy’ begin, which was done by Mr.Manohar Puranik and Ms.Aditi Chipkar. They spoke about Mutual Funds, Why to Invest in it, Insurance, Loans, Frauds etc.
  • A session on ‘Data Privacy’ which was conducted by Ms. Radhika Kehalkar, on 6th February 2021 in which she discussed the topics of Cyber Crime, Cyber Security and many such data and crime faced by all in our day -to- day life and suggested how to deal with it.
  • Another session was schedule on 6th February 2021 by Mr. Sharang Dhaimade who spoke on a topic which plays a very important role in the corporate world and that’s ‘Resume Building’. He started his session with one page resume of Elon Must and gave insight in concepts related to Job Description = Question & Resume = Answer. He then spoke about the contents of a resume and its importance.
  • On 3rd January 2020 A Session on changes in ‘Direct Tax Provisions’ in Budget 2020 for SYBMS and TYBMS students by Priya Vaishya
  • A lecture on ‘Strategic Models adopted by MNCs’ in SYBMS by Ms. Tanvi Khandhar on 28th to 31st August 2019
  • On 18th January 2020 Ignite Session conducted by Dr. Maher Abadian who is a renowned theatre actress and Environmental activist. She guided students on Current Environmental Issues, Climate change and its ill effect on bio system and living life with minimalism
  • A session on ‘How to Prepare and Present Research Report’ was conducted by Ms. Rachana K. Chawda for TYBMS students on 17th December 2019.
  • On 14th December 2019 Dr. Meenakshi Gurav guided students for participation and presentation in Avishkaar Research Convention.
  • On 27th August 2019 A session on Mutual Funds Investors’ Awareness was conducted by Ms. Krutika Jain Mehta.The students were given an opportunity to learn about Capital Market, Mutual Fund and Financial Planning.


Department of Management studies organises various activities under AiMs. Aarambh is intra college management flagship fest organized fully by students. They execute of theory of management which they have been taught in class in the fest. Lecture series, guest lecturers for decoding Finance, Marketing and HR concepts effective communication, sessions for interview preparation, mock test and GDs, career counseling, field visits, training for trading on stock market.

  • 2021-2022 : The department fest had a theme of ‘OTT RUSH.’ It was a 3 days online fest in February. Witty Blinders, Strategic Sherlock, La La Brand Fast and Furious were held on the first day. On the second day, Kaun Banega Manager, Breaking Bid, Trading Buzz were held. And the third day being the last day, students’ zeal was the highest where events such as Shark Tank, Game of Thrones, Sell Me If You Can were held. The event had participants from 48 different colleges of the country.
  • 2020- 2021 : Aarambh had a vibrant and thought-provoking theme of ‘MYTHO-Resurrection’ organised online in the month of March due to the Covid situation. The event saw participants from 30 colleges across the State. The events in the event were Strategic Shakuni, Wizard Vidura, Mytho-analysis, Shatranj, IPO Bazaar amongst others.
  • 2019- 2020 : The theme for the year was ‘21st Century into the Future’. The fest was spread across 3 days and included events such as Silent Strategy, Minute to Diffuse, Gadget Wars, Thrash Out, Scrutiny, Corporate Roadies and many more. The event witnessed over 200 participants across all the events.
  • 2018- 2019 : The theme for the fest was ‘Play Store’. On the first day, events like Just A Minute, Clash of the clans (Debate), Olx (Make/Sell if you can) took place. On the second day, Quiz-up, Advertisement, ShareIt (Import-Export), and Money Control (VSM) were organised. On the third day events like Monopoly, Cluedo, and Interview Fiesta were held.

Rachana K. Chawda

  • Presented (waiting for getting published) a research paper on ‘Study of UPI Frauds among Non-Frequent Users in Mumbai’ at one day National Conference on ‘Leading Change: Transformational Possibilities and Challenges in Commerce, Management and Technology* on 26th February, 2022
  • Paper Published in International Journal of Advance and Innovative Research- IJAIR- Impact Factor- 7.36. ISSN: 23947780" “Young Investor’s Perception Towards Investment in IPO w.r.t. January –March 2021”
  • Paper published in Think India Journal with ISSN NO. 0971-1260 (UGC CARE Journal) on “Study of role of Investment Applications in spreading Investors’ awareness in Mumbai W.R.T. 18years to 23 years Age Group”.
  • Presented Paper “Evolution of Concept of CSR In India” in Third National Multi-Disciplinary conference on 'India 2025 – A Vision for the Next Decade' and Article was published in proceeding with ISBN NO. 13: 978-93-85880-98-8 (2016).
  • Presented Paper “An Overview of Proposed GST On Renewable Energy Sector in India” in Forth National Multi-Disciplinary conference on 'India 2025 – A Vision for the Next Decade' and published in proceedings with Impact Factor SJIF (2015)- 5.403 and ISSN 2319-4766.

Tanvi Khandhar

Presented and published a paper on ‘Perception of Commerce Students towards Online Learning in Mumbai’ in the International Journal of Advance and innovative Research- Volume 8- Issue 3(XIII) July-September 2021 ISSN: 2394 – 7780-IJAIR. Impact Factor 7.36

Rutuja Birje

Presented and published a paper on “A Study on use of Artificial Intelligence by Business in New Normal” in ISSN: 2394 – 7780-IJAIR. Impact Factor 7.36- in the International Journal of Advance and innovative Research- Volume 8- Issue 3(XI)

Vibha Dicondwar

Presented and published a paper on “Study of Digital Transformation during Pandemic” in ISSN: 2394 – 7780-IJAIR. Impact Factor 7.36- in the International Journal of Advance and innovative Research- Volume 8- Issue 3(XI)

Achievements of Faculties

  • Tanvi Khandhar - Awarded ‘Best Research Paper’ at National Conference- 2021
  • Tanvi Khandhar - Invited as Resource Person for ‘Interview Preparation’ at Sasmira’s Institute of Commerce and Science-2021
  • Rachana K. Chawda - Invited as Resource Person to guide students of Dept of Psychology on the topic of “Financial Literacy” in 2018-19.
  • Vibha P. Dicondwar - Invited as Resource Person to guide students of Dept of Psychology on the topic of “Short course on Excel” in 2018-19.

Research by Students from BMS

  • A team comprising of 2 students Ms.Pavitra Venktesh and Ms Prerna Dhake from BMS Participated in the Avishkaar Research Convention- in 2018-19
  • Priya Suryavanshi presented a Project in Avishkaar Research Convention on “Economic Solution to the Problems of Young Entrepreneurs”in 2020-2021
  • Priya Suryavanshi from BMS is selected for final presentation of University avishkar research convention on a topic of " Creating Awareness about Security Market in India" in 2021-2022