Current Library

'D.G.Ruparel College Library' is serving its students, faculty and staff members from the inception of college i.e. from the year 1952 with it's profound collection of books, journals, CD's and other resource material. This specious library is located in new building of the college at the college campus. It is on the ground floor and is spread over 10,000 Sq.Ft. area. Library has seating capacity for around 300 users, with separate space for girls. Various section viz. reading hall, reference section, lending section, stacking area, staff reading section and administrative area.

  • Area : 10000 Sq. Ft.
  • Seating Capacity
    • Students : 300
    • Staff : 15
    • News paper Reading : 8
  • Computers for OPAC : 4


Library membership is open to all students, research scholars, faculty, administrative and supportive staff of the college. Library also offered community membership for reading facility for eminent and well known personalities. Alumni pursuing further education can also take membership for reading purpose. For further details please contact librarian.


  • General books
  • Journal and Magazines
  • CD's
  • Thesis and dissertations
  • Rare books
  • College magazines from 1953
  • Competitive exam books
  • Reference books
    1. Encyclopedias
    2. Dictionaries
    3. Bibliographies
    4. Handbooks
    5. Reports
    6. Atlases / Census
    7. Yearbooks
    8. Biographical references
  • Syllabus
  • Online resources

Library Activities

  • Display of Books
    • Physical
    • Virtual Shelf
  • Thematic Exhibition


Book Borrowing : Students : Students can borrow book against the reader's ticket only. Books can be reissued in case of no further demand for the said book. Periodicals can be issued for reference only within the premises.
Staff : College faculty and staff can issue books against their library membership.
Reprography : Photocopy service is available in the college campus. Users are requested to take care of library books and should not infringe copyright laws.
Newspapers : 5 English and 4 Marathi leading newspapers are made available to the students for reference against their library card in the reading hall.
Old Question Papers : Past exam question papers are made available to students for reference and photocopy in the library reading hall. They can issue the same against their library card. Scan copy of these papers are also available in 'Institutional Repository' on library website.

Undergraduate Students 1 book for 7 days Rs.5/- per day after due date
Postgraduate Students 2 books for 15 days Rs.5/- per day after due date
Teacher - Permanent 20 books for 365 days No fine
Teacher - Temporary 5 books for 365 days No fine, but deposit of Rs.1000/-
Administrative Staff 1 book for 365 days No fine


OPAC : Online Public Access Catalogue.

Through OPAC user can access and know the availability of the library holdings inside the college campus through LAN. Students can make reservation for the issued books. OPAC guides users of the availability and when the book will be returned in the library.

Online Journals:

Online line journals subscribed are IEEE ASME, Science direct. The Online journals are useful for research, student's projects, seminars, conferences, R &D and to gain more knowledge developing new ideas and products.

NPTEL : National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning.

NPTEL provides E – learning online Web and Video courses in Engineering, Science and humanities streams. These Lecture videos are conducted by IAT professors. Our college has purchased 18030 videos useful for Humanities, Electrical, Civil, Graphics, Mechanical, Computers and Electronic and Telecommunication streams.

Book Bank:

Book Bank is the facility given by our college to all the students who demands for it. In Book Bank set of books covering syllabus of each subject of every semester is provided by the library at 25 % of the total cost of books. The amount is refunded back to those students who get 60 % and above marks in both the semester.

Reading Hall:

More than 200 students can study in the reading hall. Reading Hall is kept open form 8 am to 8 pm. During examination period reading hall is open 24/7 for male students to study.


Internet is used by the user to - To download and refer online journals, - To download NPTEL Lecture videos prepared by IAT Professors - To Search information through search engines - To download Lecture videos from YOU TUBE

Rules for Students and Staff :

  1. Don’t write, underline or mark the library books. The library books are carefully examined on return and the borrower will be held responsible for defacing or damaging to, or loss of library book(s) in his/her possession.
  2. Complete silence should be observed inside the library except for the brief and subdued talk with the library staff at the Circulation Desk or in any other Section of the library.
  3. Drinks, eatables, are not allowed in the library.
  4. Use of Mobile and Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the library.
  5. Sleeping / Hot Talk /Un-necessary Discussion/ Loud Voice /Disturbance / Foot on tables & chairs / Unbalanced talk, with colleagues / are not allowed in the library.
  6. Students are entitled to check out books (Excluding Reference books) as following:
    • Under-graduate students 1 Book for 7 days
    • Post-Graduate students 2 Books for 15 days
  7. A fine of Rs.5/- per book, per day (starting after the close of library on due date) will be charged for late returns.
  8. Faculty and staff are entitled to check out books (Excluding Reference books) for a period of one year as following :
    • Permenent Teacher 20 Books for one year
    • Temporary Teacher 5 Books for one year
    • Non-Teachin Staff 1 Book for one year
  9. All staff members are require to return all the books lent in the year before 20th April of every year and get renew their library account.In case of loss of book(s), the market price of the lost book be charged.
  10. If the library user, fails to submit the replacement cost of lost or damaged material, this amount will be deducted from the “Security Deposits” of the students; in case the stipulated amount exceeds the Security Deposits of the student then the authorities reserve the rights to withhold the issuance of result/degree to the students concerned till he/she either replaces the lost book/material or pays the stipulated amount.
  11. The borrowers will not be able to borrow any library material until the library repurchases the lost or damaged material, or receives written information, from the Account Department of the Institute, that the required amount has been recovered from the borrower.
  12. The In-Charge of the library has the authority to immediately stop the issuance or discontinue the Reading Rooms’ facility for the defaulters.
  13. While using the following services, please consult the Circulation Desk for any assistance :
    1. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
    2. Digital Library
  14. The borrowed books will be renewed for a further period, if the desired book/books has/have not been reserved for another user. Overdue books will not be reissued.
  15. Current issues of Annual Reports, Pamphlets, Periodicals, Newspapers and A/V materials, CDs, Diskettes can not be checked out. Such material is for consultation in the library premises.
  16. If you accidentally mislay a book and cannot find it after thorough search, report the matter to the Circulation Desk immediately to avoid the undue fine.
  17. Mutilation of library material is a matter of disciplinary action, however, books accidentally damaged should be reported promptly so that suitable assessment may be made and damages paid.
  18. In case, a book is urgently required, the In-Charge of the library may recall it at a short notice any time and such a book shall be returned immediately by the borrower.
  19. If a library ticket is lost or damaged, Rs.10.00 will be charged for a new library ticket.

Library Timing

09:00 A.M. to 05:00 P.M.

Reading Hall Timing

09:00 A.M. to 05:00 P.M.

Library Resources

The D.G.Ruparel College library comprise a complex and growing system that supports faculty and student curricular needs. The information provided here is to keep the campus community informed and involved in the growth and support of our libraries.

Library collections include:

  • 134 serial titles
  • Reference collection is more than 500 titles
  • Various grey literature, including government documents, pamphlets and more
  • Old and rare book collection.
Information resources of the Library include Books, journals; CD-ROMs, e-journals, Internet resources, Reports, Dissertation/Theses, and Rare Book/Non-Book materials. The details are as under :


CategoryTotal number of Periodicals (up to Dec. 2016)
Arts 64
Science 39
Commerce 18
General 13
Total 134

Educational Museum

More than 62 books kept in this secsion. These books having rare value in the sence of its uniqueness. The idea of Educational Museum was developed by Dr. Pradip Karnik, Librarian of this college.

These books are having one of the following criteria of its uniqueness.:

  • Books published before 1900.
  • Books having signature of author.
  • Books given by eminent personalities.
  • Old material about institute and its parrent body.
  • Other rare leaflets

Rare Books / Material in Educational Museum :

Sr. No.Name of ItemCategoryDescriptionImportance of the Item
1 Dictionary of Marathi & English. 2/e By I.T.Molesworth Book Rare Book Pub. in 1857
2 Dictionary of Sanskrit & Marathi. By Madhava Chandroba Book Rare Book Pub. in 1870
3 A Sanskrit-English Dictionary. By Monier Monier-Williams Book Rare Book Pub. in 1899
4 Shankar's Weekly. Vol. No.1; Aug. 1948 Periodical Rare Issue Vol.1; No.12; Aug.1948
5 Punch. Vol. CLX; No. 4154; Feb.1921 Periodical Rare Issue Vol. CLX; No. 4154; Feb.1921
6 Rangbhumi (Marathi) Periodical Rare Periodical Published before 110 years.
7 Opinion - Weekly Ed. by A.D.Gorwala Periodical At the time of Ani-Bani in 1976, It was restricted to print and distribute an issue. This issue is typed on typwriter and distributed by post. Issue at the time of Ani-Bani; 16th June 1976; Vol. XVII, No. 5.
8 The Royal Natural History. By Richard Book Rare Book Pub. in 1894
9 Grundriss Der Vergleichenden Grammatik Der Indogermanisc hen sprachrn. By Karl Brugmann Book Rare German Book Pub. in 1886
10 History of German literature. Vol. 2 By Schmidt Book Rare German Book Pub. in 1886
11 Navneet Athava Marathi Kavitanche Veche. 3/e. (Marathi) By Ravaji Shastri Godbole Book Rare Book Pub. in 1899
12 The Ain I akhabari. Vol. II. By Abul Fazl Allami Book Rare Book Pub. in 1891
13 History of India. By author of 'Figured of speech' (Bharankhand-Purva) Book (Incunabula) Incunabula Pub. in 1851
14 History of India. By author of 'Figured of speech' (Bharankhand-Purva) Book Very rare book. Specialy given for Ruparel College by eminent personality Datto Vaman Potdar Very rare book
15 Gazeteer of the Bombay Presidency. Book Rare Book Pub. in 1884

Contact Us

Board Person Name
Mr. Yashwant Mane

I/C Librarian


Library Staff

Mr. Yashawant M. Mane I/C Librarian M.Lib.,M.Phil.
Mr. Sachin Kavate Lib. Clerk M.A.,B.Lib
Mrs. Vilbha Meshram Lib. Clerk B.A.,M.Lib
Mr. Dnyaneshwar Kapde Attendant B.A.
Mr. Sachin D.Garate Attendant M.Lib.,M.Phil,NET,SET
Mr. Surendra V.Raorane Attendant S.S.C.
Mr. Mahesh A.Bagwe Attendant IX
Mrs. Sangita Nath Attendant S.S.C.
Mr. Ankush Shene Attendant B.A.;Lib.Cert.
Mr. Shailesh M.Patel Peon XI
Mr. Sanket R.Parkar Peon VIII

Library Committee

  • I/C Principal Dr. D. S. Maske (Chairman)
  • Prof Mr. A. M. Ganveer
  • Vice – Prin. Dr. N. S. Tatke
  • Dr. (Ms.) A. A. Mandavkar
  • Prof. (Ms.) Rohini Shinde
  • Prof. (Ms.) G. M. Gadgil
  • Librarian (Secretary)