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The College has a well-equipped Gymkhana, which provides the necessary space and equipment for both indoor and outdoor sports, with the ground being modified for specific sports. Expert coaches provide guidance to the students. The College has a tie-up with external agencies to enable students to avail of their facilities in sports like cricket, swimming, lawn tennis, shooting and badminton. An Air Rifle Shooting Range has been installed in the College for indoor rifle shooting. The College Gymkhana provides above average facilities for most of the games. For indoor games we have a hall of 61.50’ x 25.25’ for table tennis, a hall of 36’ x 10’ for carrom and a hall of 24’ x 13’ for chess. The open ground is used for kho-kho, kabaddi, volleyball, basketball, football, hockey and soft ball. Our College staff also provides its expertise to the University sports body. The activities of the Gymkhana are governed by the Principal with the assistance of the Gymkhana Chairman, Teaching, Non-Teaching Staff and student representatives.


The College Canteen is located in the Gymkhana Building. It provides a variety of freshly prepared food items to the students at a reasonable price. The Canteen is well-equipped with proper seating arrangement indoors as well as an outdoor section which is used when required. An extension counter of the Canteen has been set up in the Faculty Common Room for the convenience of faculty members.


SUMAN : The career guidance and counselling centre

The following services are available to the students of Junior and Degree college free of cost : Wednesday and Thursday : 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Guidance for Personality development :
    Effective study skills, Enhancing physical fitness, Time management, Enhancing self confidence.
  • Counselling for personal problems :
    Academic difficulties, Stress, Tension, Anxiety, Worry, Concentration and Memory problems, Family and Social relation.
  • Timing:
    Friday : 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Guidance for Educational and career planning
    Information about Degree and post - graduate courses and career options, Preparation for Entrance and Competitive examinations. Aptitude Testing is done on request at nominal charges. Workshops and talks on various aspects of personality development are regularly organised.

Boy's Hostel

The College has a Hostel for 70 male students within the College Campus. Round the clock Security is provided in the Hostel building. The necessary housekeeping services are provided to maintain the entire hostel clean. Recreation room with television, newspapers and indoor games has been created for the students.
Rules and regulations:

  • Hostel fees including services and other charges are to be paid in advance.
  • The students will maintain peace and decorum of the Hostel.
  • Any student involved in the ragging in Hostel will draw severe punishment.
  • The College authority will not be responsible for the loss of any personal valuables.
  • The students will not be allowed to stay away from the hostel beyond 10.00 p.m.
* For detailed Rules and Regulations refer to the Hostel Notice Board.

Student's Council

The College has a Student's Council constituted as per the Maharashtra University Act, 1994 and consists of :

1. The Principal (Chairman),
2. One Lecturer nominated by the Principal,
3. Teacher-in-Charge of N.C.C.,
4. N.S.S. Program Officer,
5. Chairman of Sports and Gymkhana,
6. One student from each class who has shown academic merit in the examination of the preceding year,
7. One student representative from sports, N.S.S., N.C.C. and Cultural Activities, and
8. Two lady students, one of which should be from reserved category, nominated by the Principal.

These members elect their Secretary. The Council plays a major role in the planning and execution of curricular and extra-curricular activities and redressal of grievances, if any. The Student's Council organizes various intra-collegiate events such as Friendship Day, Rose Day, Traditional Day, Art to Art exhibition, painting, mehendi and rangoli competitions, musical programmes, Annual Scholar's and Gymkhana Days, Annual variety entertainment programme with the assistance of celebrity alumni.

It also organizes the annual inter-collegiate festival Kshitij in which inter-collegiate competitions in Marathi one-act play, solo singing, folk dance, LAN Gaming, cricket, rink football are conducted. The Marathi one act plays that have secured the top three positions in the prestigious Purshottam Karandak competitions are invited to participate in the competition. The College is a pioneer in the organization of such Marathi one act play competitions.