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The Department of Mathematics was established in 1952 and is one of the oldest department of D.G.Ruparel college. It progressed under the able headship of eminent professors likeWrangler Dr D.P. Patravali, Dr Nagarkatti, Prof. Suru, Prof. Soman, Dr Neena Joshi, Prof. Jayshree Mehta.
The present Head of the department is Dr Abhaya Chitre who has 22 years of teaching experience and has few research papers in her credentials. Her subject of specialization is Graph Theory.
Department of Mathematics has courses at the undergraduate level with entire Mathematics for the third year in science stream while in Commerce stream Mathematical and Statistical Techniques is taught at the first-year level. Presently, the department has eight faculty members and about 720 students. Mathematics is an important and core subject of science as well as commerce students to develop their quantitative techniques and analytical skills. Many of our ex-students are remarkably successful in their careers in various fields like academics, IT companies, Insurance companies. Please refer Students Corner section.
Some of the Outstanding Maths alumni who continued with maths as a career are

  1. Dr. Praffulata Chawathe
  2. Dr.Neena Joshi
  3. Dr. Akshay Rane
  4. Dr. Hemant Mishra

Staff Members

Board Person Name
Dr. Ms. Abhaya Milind Chitre

Head of the department,Assistant Professor
M.Sc. , M.Phil.,PhD
Specialization : Graph Theory

Board Person Name
Ms. Christina Ronald Mascarenhas

Assistant Professor

Board Person Name
Mr. Siddharth Shankar Kedare,

Assistant Professor
M.Sc., SET

Board Person Name
Neha Prajapati

Assistant Professor
M.Sc. , SET

Board Person Name
Manali Kadam

Assistant Professor
M.Sc., SET

Board Person Name
Mayuri Bhosale

Assistant Professor
M.Sc., SET


Programs Offered


  • USMT 101- Calculus I (Credits-2)
  • USMT 102- Algebra I(Credits-2)
  • USMTP01- Practicals(Credits-2)
  • USMT 201- Calculus II(Credits-2)
  • USMT 202- Discrete Mathematics (Credits-2)
  • USMTP02- Practicals (Credits-2)
  • USMT 301- Calculus III (Credits-2)
  • USMT 302- Linear Algebra I (Credits-2)
  • USMT-303- Ordinary Differential Equations(Credits-2)
  • USMTP03- Practicals (Credits-3)
  • USMT 401- Multivariable Calculus I (Credits-2)
  • USMT 402- Linear Algebra II (Credits-2)
  • USMT 403A- Numerical Methods (Elective A) (Credits-2)
  • USMTP04- Practicals (Credits-3)
  • USMT 501- Multivariable Calculus II (Credits-2.5)
  • USMT 502- Linear Algebra (Credits-2.5)
  • USMT-503- Topology of Metric Spaces (Credits-2.5)
  • USMT5A4- Numerical Analysis I (Elective A) (Credits-2.5)
  • USMTP05- Practicals (Credits-3)
  • USMTP06- Practicals (Credits-3)
  • USACCS501- Relational Data Base Management system, PL/SQL,JAVA
  • USACCSP501- Practicals
  • USMT 601- Basic Complex Analysis (Credits-2.5)
  • USMT 602- Algebra (Credits-2.5)
  • USMT 603- Topology of Metric Spaces and Real Analysis (Credits-2.5)
  • USMT6A4- Numerical Analysis II (Elective A) (Credits-2.5)
  • USMTP07- Practicals (Credits-3)
  • USMTP08- Practicals (Credits-3)
  • USACCSP601- Practicals
  • UBCOMFSL.6- Mathematical and Statistical Techniques-I (Unit-I & Unit-II)
  • UBCOMFSL.6- Mathematical and Statistical Techniques-II (Unit-I & Unit-II)



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T.Y.B.Sc. Applied Component

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Our department has a dedicated room of 500 sq. feet where teachers are always approachable to the students for course related guidance. Department is organizing a separate library on books related to Mathematics and it will be operational soon. Department of Mathematics shares a well-equipped Computer Laboratory with IT department which has a facility of required software as per the syllabus.


Department of Mathematics organizes various workshops for the benefits of students and also teachers.

  1. Instructional Workshop regarding the FYBA/BSc revised syllabus in Mathematics Paper-1, Jointly organized by Board of Studies in Mathematics- Mumbai University and D.G.Ruparel College Mathematics Department.
    Workshop date 19 august 2020
    Special Invitee for the workshop was Dr Anuradha Majumdar, Dean Faculty of Science and Technology.
    Prof. Sudhir Ghorpade of IIT Mumbai gave a Inaugural Address.
    Principal Dr Tushar Desai welcomed the delegates.
    In all total 135 professors of different colleges affiliated to University of Mumbai attended the workshop.
  2. .Department of Mathematics, had organized a workshop on Scilab on Wednesday 15th December, 2021 for all teaching faculty of the department and students of T.Y.B.Sc Mathematics. The workshop was conducted by Prof. Rajiv Pathak from Sathaye college , Vile Parle. The workshop was an extensive session covering Scilab code of various methods in Numerical Analysis. It also guided the participants with various basic and advance features of Scilab with hands on practice
  3. Lecture Series was arranged on “Integral Transforms”. Prof. Sagar Jagad, who is an ex student of Ruparel College and now teaching at Khalsa college conducted four lectures of one hour, through the on line mode. Sagar Jagad is (MH-SET Qualified / GATE Qualified / CSIR NET LS - AIR 20). Students from T.Y.B.Sc Mathematics participated in this event and attended the lecture series along with the professors from the department. Links to the lecture series are available on youtube. https://youtu.be/LH7EcgfVClY
    Student Mandar Thatte writes about Lecture Series on “Integral Transforms” The Department of Mathematics of D.G.Ruparel College under the guidance of Head of the Department Dr. Abhaya Chitre Ma’am had arranged Lecture Series on Integral Transforms.Mr Sagar Jagad from Khalsa College was the instructor for the lecture series . The lecture series commenced from 2nd March 2022 and in all 4 lectures were conducted. In this course students were briefly introduced to Laplace transform and its properties, Concept of convolution, Fourier transform and its properties. Besides the conceptual explanation, problems based on these topics which have been asked in entrance exams such as NET, SET were also discussed. Students from T.Y.B.Sc Matematis participated in this event and attended the lecture series along with the professors from the department.
  4. .Department of Physics under DBT star college scheme jointly with Department of Mathematics, conducted workshop on Microsoft Excel during 3rd Feb 2022 to 10th March 2022.
Student Bhakti Pawar writes about a workshop “Be Excellent “ The Excel workshop held on 3rd February 2022- 10th March 2022 by Prof. Priti Kharbe and Prof. Madhavi Jardosh was very informative. Prof. Priti Kharbe started the basics of excel which was very well understood. Assignments were provided, which found very useful to test our understanding of the topics being taught. Further 2 modules were conducted by Prof. Madhavi Jardosh. Types of charts, pivot table, etc. very well explained by her. A final assessment test was also taken on all the topics. We enjoyed the workshop as it was interesting and well conveyed.
We appreciate efforts of both the teachers for providing us tremendous knowledge about Excel. This will be helpful and will play a crucial role in our career.
Thank you to both the professors who guided us and also to the Department Of Mathematics and Physics for organizing such a wonderful workshop


The Department Of Mathematics organised a Quiz for S.Y.B.Sc (Mathematics ) Sem-IV students on Wednesday 26th February, 2022 . The entire program was conducted online using Google meet. There were four participating teams. Quiz was held in three round Round -1 each team to answer 6 questions out of Unit-I syllabus, Round-2 each team to answer 6 questions out of Unit II syllabus and the last round was the Buzzer round 2 questions from each paper.
The prize distribution of the winning team was done offline.
Winning Team - Aryabhatt


Farewell session for T.Y.BSc Mathematics students was organized by Department Of Mathematics on 6th April 2022 .
Student Ms Akshata Pawar writes about the session….
24 students along with teachers of the Mathematics Department that is Dr Abhaya Chitre Ma’am, Christina Ma’am, Neha Ma’am, Mayuri Ma’am and Manali Ma’am were present. We were all dressed up nicely and were very excited. Our teachers had arranged some interesting and fun-loving games with snacks. We played games, sang songs and danced too. Vote of thanks was given by one of the students at the end. Our Head of the Department Dr Abhaya Chitre Ma’am wished us for our bright future and blessed us with her blessings and motivating words.
It was really a thoughtful gesture as well as an emotional one, as it was the last time with our teachers andfriends. All the teachers made our day special andmemorable. Thank you to all the teachers for always being there and teaching us so well. Your guidance definitely will help us shape our career.

Remedial Coaching

The Department Of Mathematics of Modern Education Society’s D.G. Ruparel College, Matunga, Mumbai organised a remedial lectures for F.Y.B.Com (Mathematics ) who were unable to clear Sem-I Mathematical and Statistical Teachniques paper.The first lecture was conducted on Wednesday 15th March, 2022 from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Total four lectures where taken ,the dates are as follows:16 March,19 March and 24 March the duration was one and half hour. Lectures was conducted online using Google meet.
Prof Mayuri Bhosale conducted the lectures smoothly . The lectures where taken on mathematics topics: Shares and Mutual fund,L.P.P , Permutation and Combination.
The Head of the department Prof Dr Abhaya Chitre encouraged student and requested students to fill the google form who where interested in lectures.
The lectures were attended by 13 Students.


An Alumni meet was organisedwith S.Y.B.Sc (Mathematics ) and T.Y.B.Sc ( Mathematics ) students on Wednesday 26th January, 2022.The entire program was conducted online using Google meet. Speakers who are ex-students of Ruparel college were..
Prof Dr Akshay Rane. Dr Rane shared his experiences of studying at Ruparel, IIT Bombay, followed by his work at ICT and Bits Pilani Goa and interest in the field of Functional Analysis.

Dr Hemant Mishra from Batch 2013-14. He emphasized on the importance of going through the syllabus before applying to renowned educational institutions according to one’s interest in pure,applied or computational mathematics. Dr Mishra guided the students on his journey as a student of mathematics in IIT Guhwati.

Mr. Omkar Girkar (2017-18) gave his inputs on completing his M.Sc from IIT Chennai

Mr. Hardik Prabhu (2018-19) shared his experience of studying in CHI (Chennai Mathematical Institute) and his start up with a U.S.A based company.

Mr Akshay Kalantre (2020-21) and Mr Gopal Saw (2020-21) explained to the students the process of clearing entrance exams and their ongoing experience at IIT Patna and IIT Bhubaneshwar respectively.

Miss Anuya Thakur (2018-19) explained to the current batch of students her journey as a student of M.Sc Big Data Analytics.

Two of the students Delphina and Mallika (2018-19) made a short video explaining the scope of doing a Masters in Canada.

Mr Samyak Baid(2017-18) who is currently working in Tata AIG Life insurance gave a short talk on how he cleared15 papers in Actuarial Science.

Mr Prajwal Kajare(2018-19) mentioned in his talk about his preparation for IIT Jam and on various ways of focusing in order to crack these exams.

The Alumni meet was concluded with a Q&A session and existing students got valuable guidance on the further career in Mathematics. The entire program was attended by 6 Professors of the Mathematics department, 18 ex-students and SYBSc/TYBSc (Mathematics)students