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Year of Establishment : 1952

The department of philosophy was established in the year 1952. Since then it offers six papers majors . The department has a legacy of eminent educators. To name a few Dr. S.G. Mudgal, prof. Bhandhari and Dr. Harsha Mehta.

Dr. S.G. Mudgal was associated with the institution ever since its inception and has contributed in no small measures to its all round development. His work at the college in various capacities life member, Professor and Head of the department, Vice-principal and Principal has won recognition and appreciation. He served as a Principal of D.G. Ruparel college for a tenure of 9 years.

The department is currently headed by Dr. Anupama Mujumdar. The department conducts various activities under the Tattvadarshan Association so as to enable students to have a better understanding and perspective, to enhance their personality and social life.

Philosophy teaches a number of skills that are valuable in a variety of professions. The hallmark of philosophy education is critical thinking and inductive reasoning. Additionally, philosophy demonstrates that problems often have multiple solutions, and teaches its students to approach problems from a number of different perspectives ("lateral thinking"). The key point to remember is that philosophy is not a collection of facts to be memorized - it is a methodological approach to thinking and problem solving, which is highly valued in a number of professions. This translates into higher performance on standardized tests for graduate education (GRE, LSAT, GMAT, etc.), as well as success in the professional world.

Skills gained by philosophy majors are useful in almost any career.

  • The ability to think logically
  • The ability to analyze and solve problems
  • The ability to assess proposed solutions
  • The ability to write and speak clearly, attending to details,Students learn about questions. How to ask good questions and distinguish the worthwhile from the worthless questions. How to divide, prioritize, and simplify questions.
  • Studying questions liberates us from prejudice
  • It helps us to think independently, thus, promoting autonomy, self-government, and individuation
  • It broadens our perspective on life.The study of philosophy benefits students intellectually, spiritually, and morally.
  • Students learn about the origins of those ideas and concepts that are our common intellectual vocabulary.
  • They learn that there is remarkable intellectual and spiritual connection between themselves and people from different times and places. They see firsthand a common and rich humanity.

Program Objectives :

  • It helps students to understand different perspectives of Indian and Western philosophers.
  • Enhance the comparative understanding of Indian and Western Philosophers.
  • Enabling students to relate to the present context.
  • It broadens perspective of what religion is?
  • It inculcates tolerance and respect for all religions.
  • Helps to reflect on the practical ethical questions of day-to-day life.
  • Helps to understand how one can deal with life situations in a better way.
  • It helps to understand the practical application of Gita in practical life situations.
  • It helps to understand and analyze various interpretations given by various scholars.
  • Enable students to use their reasoning skills.
  • It enhances students logical thinking capacities there by enabling them to discriminate between the valid and invalid arguments.
  • It provides deeper understanding of Patanjali’s yoga sutra.
  • Helps to understand Practical relevance of yoga philosophy.
  • It develops ethical and spiritual perspective of students.

Teaching Staff

Board Person Name
Dr. Ms. Anupama Dilip Mujumdar

Head of the Department , Associate Professor
M.A., SET, Ph.D.
Specialization : Philosophy

Board Person Name
Dr. Sandip Subhash Kadam

Assistant Professor
M.A., NET, SET, Ph. D.
Specialization : Philosophy


Programs Offered

  • FYBA Paper-I Moral Philosophy
  • SYBA Paper-II Social and Political Philosophy
  • SYBA Paper-III Indian and Western Philosophy
  • TYBA Paper-IV Indian and Western Philosophy(Advanced)
  • TYBA Paper-V Philosophy of Religion
  • TYBA Paper-VI Living Ethical issues
  • TYBA Paper-VII Philosophy of Bhagvad-Gita
  • TYBA Paper-VIII Logic
  • TYBA Paper-IX Philosophy of Yoga


Timetables (2021-22)

Research by Dr.Anupama Mujumdar

    Paper presentation
  • Presented a paper titled “Understanding Mysticism” at an international Conference on “Mysticism without bounds” held from 5 th to 8 th Jan. 2011, organized by Christ University, Bangalore.
  • Presented a paper titled ‘Mysticism: Shri Ramakrishna’s Quest for union’ at a national seminar on “Trends in Mysticism” organized by G.M.Momin Women’s college & university of Mumbai on 10th December 2016.
    Paper Publication
  • Presented a research paper titled “Spirituality: The need of an Hour” at the UGC sponsored national conference on “Women’s quest for equality in India: Promises, problems and prospects” on 9th and 10th Jan 2015 at K.G.Joshi college of Arts and N.G.Bedekar college of Commerce.The paper is published in the conference proceeding with the ISBN no: 978-81-922741-4-0.
  • A research paper titled ‘Kabir’s concept of religious harmony’ is published in Bodhi International Journal of Research in Humanities, Arts and Science, Vol 2,No. 3 April 2018, page no. 118-120, E-ISSN:2456-5571
  • A research paper titled ‘ Mysticism: A Quest for union’ is published in Roots international journal of multidisciplinary research Volume 5 No.1 August 2018, page no. 23-26, ISSN number 2349-8684.
  • A research paper titled ‘ Mahatma Gandhi’s Religion’ is published in Studies in Indian place names (SIPN) journal of research, February 28, 2020, page no. 99-103, ISSN number 2394-3114
  • A research paper titled ‘Religious Philosophy of Guru Nanak : Literary Speculation’ is published in The Creative Launcher ISSN: 2455-6580 Vol. 6 & Issue 4, (October-2021)
    Teacher as resource person:
  • Delivered a talk on ‘Mysticism’ at Ruia college on 14th August 2015.
  • Delivered a talk on ‘Shankaracharya’s concept of Brahman’ for M.A students at Joshi-Bedekar college, Thane on 14th September2015.
  • Delivered a talk on ‘Religion, Spiritualism and Mysticism: Re-understanding’ at The Bombay Philosophical society on 16th December, 2016.
  • Delivered a talk on ‘Buddhism – A way of life’ at Sophia Junior college for Women, on 9th September, 2021

Research by Dr. Sandip Kadam

    Paper Presentations:
  • Title of research paper: “Mysticism in Jnaneshvari: The Role of Guru in Mystic Experience”, presented in the international conference “Mysticism without Bounds-2011’, organized by Christ University, Bangalore, on 5 to 8th January, 2011.
  • Title of paper: “Sant Dnyaneshwara- A Landmark in the Indian Film History”, presented in the national seminar on ‘100 years of Indian Cinema-Issues and Challenges in Retrospection (Socio-Philosophical Perspective)’ organized by Department of Sociology and Philosophy, Ramnairanjan Jhunjhunwala College on 5th – 6th July, 2013.
  • Guest lecture on “Note Making” in the state level workshop organized by Maharashtra Rajya Marathi Vishvakosh Nirmiti Mandal and Shantaram Bhau Gholap Arts, Science and Gotirambhau Pawar Commerce college, Shivle, on 30th -1st September 2016.
  • Title of research paper: “अल्बर्ट एलिस: एक तत्त्वज्ञ” in the state level conference on ‘Buddhism and Gandhi: Philosophy and Praxis’ organized by Mumbai University and Maharashtra Tattvadnyana Parishad on 18th -20th November 2018.
  • A research paper “Shahane Chaturya- Ek Tipan” in quarterly publication (Jan-Feb-Mar 2015 pp.3638) ‘Marathi Sanshodhan Patrika’, Mumabi Marathi Granth Sangrahalaya, Dadar, Mumbai 14.
  • A research Paper: “अल्बर्ट एलिस: एक तत्त्वज्ञ”, Buddhism and Gandhi: Philosophy and Praxis, Mumbai University Press, University of Mumbai, (pp. 53-57) on 18th -20th November 2018.
  • An online Article: J. Krishnamurti (Online Published Article) Maharashtra Rajya Marathi Vishvakosha Nirmiti Mandal
  • A book review on “Dnyaneshwari: Arjun Ek Vishesh Chintan” in quarterly publication (April to June 2020) ‘Marathi Sanshodhan Patrika’, Mumabi Marathi Granth Sangrahalaya, Dadar, Mumbai 14.
  • A workshop narrative of “Philosophical Counseling” in quarterly publication (April to June 2020) ‘Marathi Sanshodhan Patrika’, Mumabi Marathi Granth Sangrahalaya, Dadar, Mumbai 14.

Celebration of Yoga Day

Organized five days’ workshop in association with ‘Ambika Yoga Kutir’ on “YOGA” from 19th June to 23rd June 2017 for students and teachers. Approximately 15 students and 4 teachers actively participated in the workshop.
On the occasion of International Yoga Day 21st June 2016-17,2017-18, 2018-19,2019-20, a separate Yoga session was conducted in a college auditorium for college students. Many students and teachers participated and benefited from this session.
On the occasion of the International Yoga Day, 21st June, 2020, the Department of Philosophy organized a webinar on the topic ‘Yoga for holistic wellbeing amidst the pandemic of Covid-19’ from 8:00 am to 9:30 am. A practical session for yoga was conducted by Ms. Shivani Mane who has completed her masters in yoga shastras. Almost 89 participants attended this session which included students, faculty members and non-teaching staff.

Guest Lectures and Workshops

Guest Lecture on ‘Moral injunctions as a way of Life’ by Prof. Shobha H. Doshi 4th February, 2011

Talk on ‘Big Bang, Stephen Hawking and God’ by Henry Shafer 6th February, 2014

In association with Bodhimarga Foundation the department of Philosophy organized a workshop on Nada Yoga- Sound Therapy on 8th February 2019. This workshop was attended and participated by 68 students and 8 faculty members from different stream.

A workshop on ‘Pranik Healing’ was organized on 9th December, 2019. 22 college students and college teachers from various departments participated in the workshop.

A talk was organized on Philosophical Praxis on 17th February 2020, was delivered by Dr. Suchitra Naik, Principal of Joshi Bedekar College, Thane. It was attended by 55 students.

On the occasion of Madhvacharya Jayanti on 26th October 2020, the department of philosophy, under the Tattvadarshan Association organized an online talk by using the platform of Google meet on the topic of ‘From A-Principle to K-Principle’ by Dr. Sharmila Virkar, Department of Philosophy, University of Mumbai. This session was attended by 63 participants which included students and faculty members.

Open Forum and Student Activities

Organized an Open Forum on 10th August 2019 for students of all faculty where 27 seven students actively participated in the activity. Topics for discussion in forum were as follows:

  • Can one be secular and religious at the same time?
  • Role of Women in Religion.
The department of Philosophy, under the Tattvadarshan Association, the students of first year philosophy class started a club named ‘The Philosophy Cult’ and organized an event “For the live of wisdom” to discuss different branches and misconceptions of philosophy. The first event was conducted on 22nd November 2021 and second event on 8th December 2021 by using the platform of Google meet. The first event was attended by 77 participants and the second event was attended by 45 participants. This event was specially organized by the students and for the students.

Students of T.Y.B.A., the department of philosophy, under the Tattvadarshan Association organized online screening and open forum on Modern social philosophical documentary named “Examined Life” on 20th and 21st December 2021 by using the platform of Google meet. This session was registered and attended by 33 participants which included students and faculty members.

The department of Philosophy, under the Tattvadarshan Association, the student (F.Y.B.A.) organized club ‘The Philosophy Cult’ presented an event named “Pages From Philosophers’ Past” to discuss some interesting incidents from the lives of a few philosophers. This event was conducted on 10th March 2022 on Zoom platform, it was attended by 52 participants.