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Year of Establishment : 1952

Department of Zoology was established in the year 1952. Undergraduate (B.Sc.) program in Zoology is being offered by the department since its inception. In the year 1986, postgraduate (M.Sc.) in Zoology was started. Two specializations viz. Oceanography & fishery science and Animal Physiology are being offered to the students. The department of zoology also offers Doctorate (PhD) in the subject since the year 1981.

The Department was University Centre for PG lectures from 1986 to 2018. The teacher of the department use conventional and computer aided pedagogical methods to make learning easy and effective. Research is an integrated part in the department of Zoology. Several research projects have been computed by the staff and students. Ongoing research projects are funded by DBT, govt. of India. Faculty members as well as graduate and postgraduate students of the department publish their research work in various international and national journals. The faculty members regularly organize and also attend workshops/conferences/seminars. Field visits to Research Institutes/Organizations are also facilitated to bridge the gap between academics and market requirement.

'Bio-luminescence'' is the co-curricular club of the department. Invited talks, competitions, career guidance, training and workshops are some of the activities conducted under this club. The department boasts of a well maintained museum which includes 850 slides, 350 specimen and 110 species of marine algae. The department has a departmental library having more than 150 books to facilitate easy access to the study material.

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Teaching Staff

Board Person Name
Dr. Meenakshi Sundaresan

Professor and Head, Department of Zoology
M.Sc., Ph.D
Date of joining: 3rd Aug 1984

Board Person Name
Mr. Nitin Wasnik

Assistant Professor
Date of joining: 3rd December 2005

Board Person Name
Dr. Minakshi Narendra Gurav

Assistant Professor
M.Sc., Ph.D
Date of joining: 9th December 2013

Board Person Name
Dr. Gayathri N

Assistant Professor
M.Sc., Ph.D.
Date of joining: 9th December 2013

Board Person Name
Mr. Shashank More

Assistant Professor

Board Person Name
Mr. Ganapati Naik

Assistant Professor


Support Staff

    Lab Assistant
  • Mr. Ashok B. Damse
  • Mr. R. N. Kumavat
    Lab Attendant
  • Mr. Y. G. Salunke
  • Mr. J. G. Gosavi
  • Mr. S. A. Patil
    Field Collector
  • Mr. D. R. Bhagwat
  • Ms. R. R. Patil

Programs (BSc and MSc) Course: Zoology

F. Y. B. Sc. (Sem I and Sem II) : (Combination – Chemistry - Botany - Zoology, Chemistry - Physics - Zoology)

    Sem I
    Course I
  • Wonders of Animal World, Biodiversity and its conservation
  • Course II
  • Instrumentation and animal Biotechnology
    Sem II
    Course III
  • Ecology and Wildlife management
  • Course IV
  • Nutrition, Public Health and Hygiene
S. Y. B. Sc. (Sem III and Sem IV) : (Combination – Chemistry - Zoology, Botany - Zoology)
    Sem III
    Course V
  • Fundamentals of Genetics, Chromosome and Heredity, Nucleic acid
  • Course VI
  • Nutrition and Excretion, Respiration and Circulation, Control and coordination of life processes, Locomotion and reproduction
  • Course VII
  • Ethology, parasitology and Economic Zoology
  • Maintenance of aquarium, agriculture and house hold pests and their control, amazing animals
    Sem IV
    Courses VIII
  • Origin and evolution of life, population genetics and evolution, Scientific attitude, Methodology, Scientific writing and Ethics in Scientific Research
  • Course IX
  • Cell Biology, Endomembrane system and Biomolecules
  • Course X
  • Comparative Embryology, Aspects of Human Reproduction, Pollution and its Effect on Organisms
  • Dairy Industry, Sericulture and Aquaculture
T. Y. B. Sc. Zoology (Sem V and Sem VI) (with Marine Science, Applied Component)
    Sem V Course XI
  • Taxonomy- Invertebrates and Type study
  • Course XII
  • Haematology and Immunology
  • Course XIII
  • Histology, Toxicology, Pathology and Biostatistics
  • Course XIV
  • Anatomy and Developmental Biology
  • Applied (Marine Science)
  • Oceanography and Capture Fisheries
    Sem VI
    Course XV
  • Taxonomy (Chordates and Type study)
  • Course XVI
  • Physiology and Tissue Culture
  • Courses XVII
  • Genetics and Bioinformatics
  • Course XVIII
  • Environmental Biology and Zoopharmacognosy
  • Applied (Marine Science)
  • Production and Management
PG – M.Sc. (Oceanography) and M.Sc. (Animal Physiology)
M.Sc. Part I
    Sem I
  • PSZO101
    Nonchordates, cordates and their phylogeny-I
  • PSZO102
    Biochemistry and Metabolism-I
  • PSZO103
    Genetics, evolution and Developmental Biology-I
  • PSZO104
    Tools and Techniques in Biology-I
    Sem II
  • PSZO201
    Nonchordates, chordates and their phylogeny-II
  • PSZO202
    Biochemistry and Metabolism-II
  • PSZO203
    Genetics, evolution and Developmental Biology-II
  • PSZO204
    Tools and Techniques in Biology-II
M.Sc. Part II Course : Zoology-Biotechnology-Oceanography and Fishery Sciences
    Sem III
  • PSZOBT301
    Basics of Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology-I
  • PSZOBT302
    Genetic Engineering techniques and its applications
  • PSZOBT303
    General, Physical, Chemical and Biological Oceanography-I
  • PSZOBT304
    Planktology, Fish, Fishery Science and Aquaculture-I
    Sem IV
  • PSZOBT 401
    Basics of Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology-II
  • PSZOBT402
    Genome management, Manipulation, Regulations and Patents in biotechnology
  • PSZOOCN403
    General, Physical, Chemical and Biological Oceanography -II
  • PSZOOCN404
    Planktology, Fish, Fishery Science and Aquaculture-II
M.Sc. Part II Course : Zoology-Biotechnology-Animal Physiology
    Sem III
  • PSZOBT301
    Basics of Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology-I
  • PSZOBT302
    Genetic Engineering techniques and its applications
  • PSZOPHY303
    Comprehensive Physiology-I
  • PSZOPHY304
    Environmental and Applied Physiology-I
    Sem IV
  • PSZOBT 401
    Basics of Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology-II
  • PSZOBT402
    Genome management, Manipulation, Regulations and Patents in biotechnology
  • PSZOPHY403
    Comprehensive Physiology-II
  • PSZOPHY404
    Environmental and Applied Physiology-II

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Bioluminescence is a co-curricular club of the Dept. of Zoology aimed to provide a holistic learning experience to the learners. The objective of this club includes conduction of competitions, workshops, invited lectures, visits to various institutes/organizations etc that will help the all round development of the learners.

Workshop at Institute of Chromatography and Spectroscopy 17-18


Hands on Training

26th July 2018 : One-day Workshop on "Introduction to Foldscope : Assembly and Applications"

29th January 2019 : "Assembly and Applications of Foldscope"

15th February 2019 : "Visit to Zoo (Study Visit)

1st March 2019 : "Save the Beach" Campaign at Juhu Beach